Man and Woman with two teenagers and two children

New Hire Spotlight – Tracey Foster – Fire Protection Technician

Tracey and her husband, Sean, with sons Adam, Jack, Wyatt and Quinn Tracey Foster, Harrington Group, Inc.’s newest fire protection technician, has had an unconventional path in the industry. And she wouldn’t have it any other…

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Family Picture

New Hire Spotlight: Reem Chalil, Fire Protection Consultant

Reem with fiancé Elli, mother Haifaa, father Abdou, and brother Sam Reem Chalil’s plan was to become an architect. But shortly after moving to the U.S. with a bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering from Al-Baath…

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Man standing next to statue

New Hire Spotlight: Paul Kitsoulis, Fire Protection Engineer

Paul Kitsoulis has always been fascinated by learning how things work. Like a lot of engineers, he enjoys tinkering with things, and his childhood tendency to disassemble and reassemble toys and gadgets evolved into a career…

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Couple with two children

New Hire Spotlight: Dan Lampke, Fire Protection Engineer

Dan with Wife Sarah and Children Genevieve and Henry Fire protection professionals develop a unique understanding of and appreciation for safety. For instance, Dan Lampke, one of Harrington Group’s newest fire protection…

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Couple and four children

Harrington Group, Inc. New Team Member Spotlight: Jeff Faucon, P.E. – Project Manager/Senior Fire Protection Engineer

Jeff with his wife, Sheila, and children Grace, Sarah, Marcus, and Julia Jeff Faucon thought he wanted to be an architect. As a freshman he enrolled in the architecture program at Wentworth Institute of Technology, but quickly…

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Couple and three children front of house

Harrington Group, Inc. New Team Member Highlight: Justin Poblete

Justin with his wife Cherish; daughters Emma, Sophia and son Aidan After growing up in Canada, Justin Poblete had had enough of the cold. He moved to Atlanta as a college graduate in 1998, and once he arrived in the South with…

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Man and baby with bib

Harrington Group, Inc. Welcomes Fire Protection Engineer Mack Newton!

Mack Newton and his niece Evie While many of us look forward to the day we can return to the office, Mack Newton is settling into his new normal of working from home. One of Harrington Group’s newest fire protection engineers,…

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Couple and son with dog

Harrington Group, Inc. Welcomes Sherri Smith, Project Coordinator, to Our Team!

Sherri with her husband, Jim, son Jake, and dog Savannah Joining the world of fire protection made Sherri Smith look at buildings differently. “Before, when I went into a mall or somewhere, I never thought about what it took to…

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Couple and two grown children with dog

Harrington Group, Inc. Welcomes New Chief Operating Officer Scott Jungels to the Team!

Scott with his wife, Kristin, children Jack and Hannah, and dog, Dixie Indiana native Scott Jungels fell in love with the south on a springtime business trip to Atlanta with his first job out of college. The sunshine and…

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Man and woman with two children

Harrington Group, Inc. Welcomes Jason McDonald, Fire Protection Designer, to the Team!

Jason with his wife, Pamela, and daughters Tessa (in arms) and Alene (standing). Jason McDonald has had an unusual first month on the job with Harrington Group, but we are still thrilled to have him. Our newest fire protection…

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Headshot of man

Harrington Group, Inc. Welcomes Fraser Bronston, Fire & Explosion Protection Consultant!

Here at Harrington Group, Inc., we are fortunate to be experiencing a period of growth. As our industry continues to evolve, we’ve made it a priority to hire and train the best and the brightest, and we’re thrilled to…

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Man and woman smiling at football game

Harrington Group, Inc. Welcomes Jacob Ammons, Fire & Explosion Protection Consultant!

Jacob and his girlfriend, Grace, enjoying a University of Tennessee football game Jacob Ammons, one of Harrington Group, Inc.’s newest Fire and Explosion Protection Consultants, was in high school when he developed an…

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Man and woman with daughter

Harrington Group, Inc. Welcomes Jocelyn Harris, Project Coordinator!

Jocelyn and her husband with their daughter at her graduation. Jocelyn Harris’s career started during the summer of 1982 in San Antonio, Texas. Her best friend’s sister, who worked as an underwriting technical assistant,…

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Three people site seeing

Harrington Group, Inc. Welcomes Margaret Tatum, Fire Protection Consultant!

Margaret (left) with her younger sister Trinitee (middle), older brother Tre (right), on top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. Margaret Tatum was in high school when she got her first taste of fire protection.…

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Family on hike

Harrington Group Welcomes Jim Smith, Fire Protection Technician

Jim Smith (red shirt) enjoying a hike with his family during Thanksgiving break The New Year is a crazy time of year for everybody, but that hasn’t stopped us from welcoming some new talents into our midst. Introducing Jim…

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