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HGI acknowledges, appreciates, and rewards hard workers. HGI understands how to keep our employees happy, which in return, creates better quality of work and strengthens our loyalty to the company.

Erin Lesh

Fire Protection Designer

Life at HGI

At HGI, we believe in empowering our people. We are a closely-knit team that works collaboratively, and we give everyone the room to explore ideas and the support to make them a reality. Our leadership’s open-door policy means that everyone is accessible and that every single person at the company is part of the same team.

With our people-first approach, we place important responsibility on our team members. While we encourage and support each other, we also provide the space for individuals to make their own decisions and empower them to solve their own problems. Driven professionals looking for exciting challenges and an opportunity to make their mark on the industry find themselves at home at HGI.

Committed to Team Development

At HGI, we are committed to creating an atmosphere where our team members feel welcome and where their skills, expertise, and ideas are valued. We understand that team development is critical to the longevity and success of the company as well as our ability to offer world-class services.

To us, team development isn’t just a buzzword—it is central to how we operate. Through thoughtful hiring practices, HGI has brought together some of the top experts in the fire protection industry. We continue to develop team excellence by encouraging our senior engineers to serve as mentors and guides to junior employees. In this way, HGI has fostered an environment that is committed to the strength of our teams and to the development of our exceptional team members.



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HGI allows us to work on challenging problems that are unique to the Industry, with a firm who only tackles fire protection problems. 

Dan Lampke

VP, Project Manager

A Place to Grow

At HGI, every professional is treated with respect and given the opportunity to grow. Our engineers work on challenging problems unique to the industry, while working in a firm that exclusively tackles fire protection problems. Our teams work on exciting projects that allow HGI engineers to be a part of some of the most cutting-edge solutions in the industry.

HGI is proud to be a place where our employees put down roots. Many of our engineers and senior team members have been with the company for decades, and we continue to grow at a steady rate, which makes us excited for the future of the company team.

Open-Book Management

Our management methods are unique within the fire protection engineering industry and are part of what makes HGI an exceptional place to work. At the core of how we function is our Open-Book Management policy in which all team members are encouraged to participate in the financial aspects of the company and to think like an Owner.

This methodology empowers our individual team members and encourages everyone to have a vested interest in our success. Our commitment to transparency means that we share financial information with team members and that information is never hidden or obscured, encouraging team members at every level to hold true to our core values of honesty and truthfulness.

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