When Fernanda Navarro began applying for post-graduation jobs, she expected to enter industrial engineering, the field she studied at Texas A&M University. But shortly after being hired to do sprinkler design in 2017, she found fire protection to be a great fit. Now one of Harrington Group’s newest Property Loss Control Consultants, Fernanda is thrilled to work with different clients, continue to grow in the industry and soon sit for the PE.

“I like how in fire protection it’s going to be a lifetime of learning,” said Fernanda. “The standards are constantly being updated, new technology is always changing and for my entire career I want to make sure I’m keeping up with everything that comes along.”

After four years in her previous role, she was drawn to Harrington Group because the company “does so much more than just design and considers the facility as a whole.” She’s eager to explore other facets of fire protection and soak up as much knowledge from her new colleagues and mentors as possible.

“I’m excited to join the team during a time that it’s growing,” she said. “There are so many learning opportunities, and everybody is just so welcoming.”

Fernanda grew up in Texas and recently moved into a new house with her boyfriend in Lavon, a small city outside of Dallas. She works from her home office with the company of their chocolate lab mix, Dakota, and the occasional check-in from their gray cat, Molly. When she isn’t working, Fernanda enjoys reading, sewing, knitting, and making cards