Design & Consulting

Fire Protection Solutions for Day One 

There are many steps to designing and integrating an effective fire protection solution for any building or renovation project. HGI comes alongside our clients at the planning stage to help ensure they receive a safe and cost-effective system that meets all needs and passes all inspection requirements.

Our design and consulting services include a wide range of activities that cover the life of a project. Experienced across a wide range of industries, our fire protection specialists are equipped to design custom solutions for any commercial environment. 

From planning to analysis and testing, HGI assists our clients and offers support and guidance throughout a project. In addition to system design services, we offer code, fire-safety, and life-safety audits, construction administration, code analysis, modeling, and commissioning. 

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Loss Investigation

Science-supported, fact-based discovery

When a fire occurs, our HGI experts are on hand to help clients recoup losses, understand what happened, and plan for the future. Our Loss Investigation team performs detailed and thorough examinations of evidence, evaluates system performance and failures, and presents conclusions based on facts. 

It is an unfortunate truth that in the loss investigation industry, many “experts” rely on intuition, not investigation, to draw their conclusions. HGI, in contrast, uses evidence-based examinations and an assessment of available evidence to understand the facts of a fire event.

Our objectivity has proven critical to the success of clients’ insurance negotiations and legal proceedings.

We supply a range of loss-investigation services including fire forensic engineering, origin and cause investigating, litigation and negotiation support, and system failure and subrogation potential analysis. 

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Property Loss Control

Negotiating alternatives and avoiding loss

As fire is one of the most expensive property-loss threats, fire protection is a critical element of systems planning. Our teams develop creative and efficient engineering solutions to help clients retain their assets and avoid a fire disaster. 

Not every fire protection problem has the same solution. Fire safety codes and standards often require outcomes that are not matched to the issue at hand. Our expert teams work with clients to develop custom alternative solutions that meet the needs of a project while fulfilling the standards of all safety and insurance oversight requirements.

We utilize our training and experience as well as advanced computer modeling to negotiate on behalf of our clients for the acceptance of these alternatives. 

With services like audits, testing and witness coordination, hazard and risk analysis, development of procedures, and associate training, we not only help our clients protect life and property, but we also ensure that all precautions are legally approved and help to achieve insurance underwriting. 

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