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One of the reasons I made the decision to join HGI in 2001 is because HGI’s core values of Service, Competence, Honesty, Integrity, and Respect resonated with my own. Since then, I have seen HGI and its people exemplify these core values over and over again, and I have never had a reason to even consider moving to another fire protection engineering firm.  I am now privileged to be named President of this outstanding organization and I am excited about our future as we continue to serve our clients and grow our business.”

Dale C. Hansen, P.E., FSFPE 



Our Core Purpose

To create an atmosphere of client intimacy and deliver results in fire protection engineering that consistently exceed the client’s own expectation of value through the application of creativity, innovation, and technical excellence.

This is a statement that is at the heart of everything we do at HGI.

Our purpose drives the way we operate day-to-day, how our company is organized and managed, and why we prioritize our clients. We encourage creativity and out-of-the-box problem-solving that meets the practical needs of our clients, and we add to that a deep, technical and specialized knowledge that make our innovations both feasible and economical. 

Our Core Values


Satisfy the needs of others to a high degree through providing exceptional services.


Treat others with respect.


Conduct all affairs with integrity, with sound moral and ethical principles.


Continually strive for a high level of professional competence.


Honesty and truthfulness in all things.

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The knowledge and professionalism of Harrington Group, Inc. has been essential to IDI’s success. 


The Difference is Collaboration

At HGI, we place a strong emphasis on the team environment. We are a firm of highly skilled and trained professionals with diverse backgrounds. We recognize the importance of each member of our team and appreciate what every person brings to the table. It is through collaboration–through the interaction of our combined knowledge and experience–that HGI develops the best designs and solutions for our clients. 

The collaborative spirit at HGI provides the unique opportunity to build a career while learning from some of the most talented and experienced fire protection engineers and property loss control engineers in the industry.

We know that, as a team, there is no challenge in our industry we cannot overcome.

A People-First Company

In every facet of our operations, HGI places people first. Our clients are our number one priority. It is our goal to create client intimacy through regular and transparent communication, by providing unparalleled services and solutions, and by delivering the kind of quality that invites returns and builds decades-long client relationships.

We also recognize every member of the HGI team as a highly skilled professional and an asset to our company. We have built a team of the top experts in the fire protection industry, and we value the contribution each individual makes to our collective success. We are focused on ensuring that the needs of our teammates are always met and that they are supported and challenged to grow.


Our leadership has an open-door policy. Meet the people that pave the way. 

Meet Our Leadership

Once again, you have shown the qualities that separate Harrington Group, Inc. from all others, and confirmed why you are my first call whenever I have issues that involve fire protection. 

 Eddie Slay, 

Vice President of FCL Builders

One Cohesive Unit

At HGI, we’re more than just colleagues. We strive to create a community where every team member is valued, appreciated, and heard. And we simply enjoy each other’s company! 

From executives to interns, everyone is considered a part of the team. Our leadership is available and accessible, and HGI senior engineers invest time and energy in developing their support teams. 

As a tight-knit group, our retention rates are exceptional. We enjoy low employee turnover because our team members enjoy what they do and who they work alongside. As a firm, we hire people that share our values and priorities, and this level of connectivity only serves to improve our collaborative and creative output. 

Challenged to Greatness

We believe an important component of teamwork is encouraging each other towards greatness. 

HGI provides an environment that allows all our engineers to take ownership and to drive their own projects, and we support our team members with the ability to learn and incorporate new solutions into project challenges. 

At HGI, working hard and going the extra mile to serve the client is never overlooked. We recognize and applaud actions and ideas that improve the experience for our clients, and we encourage our teammates to continue to grow in their knowledge and experience. Each member of the team is treated as someone who can make an immediate impact.

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