New Hire Spotlight: Ali Roth – Industrial Process Safety Consultant

  This month, Harrington Group, Inc. welcomed Ali Roth to our team! Ali is joining us from her home in Dexter, Michigan as our newest Industrial Process Safety Consultant. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in…

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New Hire Spotlight: Lori Carella – Controller

Harrington Group, Inc. is excited to welcome Lori Carella, CPA, to our team! Lori may be new to the world of fire protection engineering, but she's no stranger to numbers. As our Controller at HGI, she brings a wealth of…

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New Hire Spotlight: John Jeng – Senior Property Loss Control Consultant

Harrington Group, Inc. is excited to welcome John Jeng, Senior Property Loss Control Consultant, to our team! Before joining HGI, John worked for a global fire protection engineering company, gaining valuable expertise in his…

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Did You Know Next Week is Home Fire Sprinkler Week?

The National Fire Protection Association (“NFPA”) and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition have come together to champion Home Fire Sprinkler Week on May 14-20, 2023. This event is dedicated to promoting the importance of home…

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New Hire Spotlight: Michelle Combs – Project Coordinator

After completing her Bachelor of Arts in Special Education and Master of Education in Classroom Teaching, Michelle gained many new relationships and skills over the years. With a background in education and patient services,…

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Gigi and Husband

New Hire Spotlight: Gigi Soukaria – Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technician

Ghazal Soukaria, who goes by Gigi, joined Harrington Group as a Building Information Modeling (“BIM”) technician in early April. Her background is in architecture — in 2014 she earned a bachelor’s degree from Al-Ba’ath…

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Matt Graham

New Hire Spotlight: Matt Graham, Fire Protection Consultant

Matt Graham (left) with his brother at the Golden Gate Bridge Matt Graham has been on both sides of fire protection: first as a firefighter, and now as a fire protection consultant for Harrington Group. A local career center…

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Alex Ataiyan Family

New Hire Spotlight: Alex Ataiyan, Fire Protection Engineer

Alex Ataiyan is proud to come from a family of engineers. His father started out as a civil engineer before switching his focus to fire protection, and he always encouraged Alex and his brother, Zach, to pursue the field if…

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Antlhony Capuano

New Hire Spotlight: Anthony Capuano, Fire Protection Engineer

Like a lot of college freshmen, Anthony Capuano entered Worcester Polytechnic Institute unsure of what he wanted to study. It wasn’t until an open house session about the university’s fire protection program that he first…

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New Hire Spotlight: Craig Sider, Fire Protection Consultant

As the son of a firefighter, Craig Sider has always been interested in fire protection. But while he admired his dad’s role first as a volunteer and then as a career firefighter in southern Ontario, Craig knew that the…

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New Hire Spotlight: Fernanda Navarro, Property Loss Control Consultant

When Fernanda Navarro began applying for post-graduation jobs, she expected to enter industrial engineering, the field she studied at Texas A&M University. But shortly after being hired to do sprinkler design in 2017, she…

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New Hire Spotlight: Christian Merryfield, Fire Protection Consultant

Christian Merryfield was introduced to fire protection early in his journey to becoming an engineer. After connecting with a hiring manager when he was a college student in Livermore, California, he worked as a fire sprinkler…

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New Hire Spotlight: Mike Kramer, Fire Protection Technician

As the grandson of a retired firefighter and inspector, Mike Kramer was always intrigued by fire protection. He didn’t anticipate getting into the industry, but after studying business management at the University of Toledo,…

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Couple with daughter

New Hire Spotlight: Michael Zellers, P.E. — Fire Protection Engineer

Michael Zellers with his wife and daughter Joining a volunteer fire department sparked Michael Zellers’ initial interest in fire protection. After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s degree in…

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Man at creek

New Hire Spotlight: Ryan Tracy — Property Loss Control Consultant

Ryan Tracy enjoying the beauty of Crested Butte, Colorado When Ryan Tracy graduated from Penn State with a degree in mechanical engineering, he didn’t know of any classmates pursuing fire protection or property loss control.…

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