Ryan Tracy enjoying the beauty of Crested Butte, Colorado

When Ryan Tracy graduated from Penn State with a degree in mechanical engineering, he didn’t know of any classmates pursuing fire protection or property loss control. It’s, “one of those industries you just kind of fall into,” he said, and he was introduced to it by a family member. He began working for FM Global in 2016, and recently joined the team at Harrington Group as a Property Loss Control Consultant.

“I like helping clients mitigate risk, whether that’s projects they’re doing or brand new buildings,” he said. “Fire is a big part of it, as well as natural hazards, hurricanes, floods, hail, earthquakes, things like that.”

Ryan also enjoys how varied and dynamic the work is, with each day being different from the last. He finds it especially rewarding when he’s able to point out something to a client that they hadn’t seen on their own. And after several years in the field, that eye for detail has crept into his everyday, non-work life as well.

“It’s amazing the stuff you start to notice when you walk into building,” he said. “Just going into a Walmart or somewhere, my head automatically goes to the roof and all the random things that if you weren’t in the industry you wouldn’t really notice.”

Located in the Houston area, Ryan stays busy outside of work. He spends his time traveling, hiking, volunteering with his church, and participating in all manner of sports including golf, baseball, and sand volleyball.