After completing her Bachelor of Arts in Special Education and Master of Education in Classroom Teaching, Michelle gained many new relationships and skills over the years. With a background in education and patient services, staying organized and helping others is very familiar—making her new position as Project Coordinator beyond fitting.

Michelle seeks to really get to know her colleagues, family, and community members, resulting in good working relationships with a variety of people. She has an unrelenting passion for making a difference in people’s lives, loves learning, and takes pride in her work and being highly ethical (previously handling confidential student/patient data).

“I’m excited to be part of HGI as it is a leader in the industry, maintains excellent core values, and has a meaningful impact on saving people’s lives and property.” Michelle said. “I’m particularly excited about my role as I can support and contribute to the success of my team, the firm, and our clients.”

Michelle lives in Dayton, Ohio, where she spends much of her time with her husband, two children, and faithful old dog who is always by her side. She also enjoys spending time with other family/friends, hiking, creating art, reading historical fiction, playing board games, completing puzzles, and gardening.

Welcome to the team, Michelle!