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My past employers struggled to maintain Client relationships. HGI has proven to have a constant influx of new and challenging Projects from Clients, both new and ones we have been well acquainted with for decades.

Kyle Collins

Fire Protection Consultant


HGI represents the cutting-edge in the use of technology for fire protection. We help our clients achieve their goals, plan for the future, and communicate with third parties using advanced computer modeling and other specialized programs. 

By using advanced digital fire modeling, we can improve designs and understand the fire protection needs of a new construction or renovation before the work even begins. Our software allows HGI to predict hazards and plan accordingly. 

Through the use of modern computer fire models, HGI is able to develop safe alternative methods to standard fire codes and communicate those alternatives effectively to necessary parties.

If a fire should occur, HGI’s technology allows our clients to better understand the cause and fault, as well as enables us to communicate those effectively in insurance negotiations and legal settings.


At our core, HGI team members are problem solvers. We help our clients develop customized fire protection plans to suit their needs. Standard prescriptive fire protection requirements are not able to meet the needs of every building, nor are they always the safest option. HGI helps clients know when to implement the codes, and we design alternative methods for when the prescriptive code cannot or does not serve the necessary purpose.

With our problem-solving designs, HGI not only puts together a customized fire-protection plan, but we also build the support to have the designs approved and implemented. Our commitment to problem solving also extends to negotiating with legal bodies, such as federal and local code enforcement offices, as well as insurance representatives.

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As many of our staff travel frequently, we are set up so that we can work from just about anywhere. When the global pandemic hit in 2020 our business continuity impact was minimal as most of our staff was already accustomed to working remotely.

Ben Randle

Project Manager


Our specialized expertise in fire protection engineering has taken HGI throughout the hemisphere, literally. We have active projects all across the United States, as well as in Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico. We are one of the most experienced and largest fire protection firms in the United States, and our experience and specialization make us uniquely qualified to serve our clients.

For HGI, fire protection is not a sideline activity–it is our specialty. Unlike with an MEP firm, when clients come to HGI for fire protection, they know that our specialization means unparalleled design and safety. We specialize in commercial fire protection engineering for varying types of facilities including high-rise offices, warehouses and distribution centers, data processing operations, manufacturing facilities, hotels, educational facilities, aircraft hangars, and telecommunication hubs.

PM-Centric Model

At HGI, we utilize a uniquely designed, day-to-day operations model that centers and empowers our project managers. For the past decade, this approach has become an important component of the “secret sauce” that makes our company a success. With this methodology we place a great deal of trust and growth opportunity onto our project managers, providing a range of responsibilities at the PM level.

To help our PMs maintain the excellence of the company at large, we implement customized performance standards, performance metrics, and scorecards.

Our operations methodology allows project managers to take initiative and to make important decisions in the field. It allows for quick, on-the-ground problem-solving from the people that know the situation best.