Don’t Wait: Check the Date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years!

Earlier this year, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) announced the 2016 theme for Fire Prevention Week, “Don’t Wait: Check the Date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years”. The focus on smoke alarm replacement comes…

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Jim Rucci – Invaluable to HGI’s Early and Continued Success

By Jeff Harrington Jim Rucci is the most trustworthy, hardest working, selfless individual I have ever known and has been a good friend since our college days together. These facts came in handy back in the late 1980s as I was…

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Video Reminder of the Hazards of Combustible Dust Last week, firefighters arrived to find smoke billowing from a Vancouver furniture manufacturing plant’s hopper. While trying to access the hopper, dust ignited into…

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The Guidance and Vision Behind Harrington Group

Harrington Group, Inc. reached a significant milestone this year – our 30th anniversary. As we approach the 30th anniversary party to celebrate our firm’s accomplishments over the last 30 years, the associates at Harrington…

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A Wife’s Unconditional Love and Support

By Jeff Harrington I paid tribute to my parents in my previous blog post and let you know some details that explain how important they have been to Harrington Group’s success over the past 30 years. This post will tell you…

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Giving Life to Harrington Group

Written by Jeff Harrington, CEO/Founder of Harrington Group, Inc. Barbara and Dean Harrington proudly show off their HGI 30th anniversary swag! Some think of me as the father of Harrington Group, Inc., since I founded the…

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Being Prepared in Fire Safety: Pre-Incident Planning

Most companies understand the importance of emergency response planning for a variety of emergencies including fire, but many do not take the additional step to create a Pre-Incident Plan with their local responding fire…

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Campus Fire Safety

Next week is August already and soon, college students around the country will return to dorms and off-campus housing. College freshmen will get their first sense of freedom as they cram everything they can’t live without into…

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Things Don’t Always go as Planned….

As fire protection engineers and consultants, we have seen some pretty interesting (and dangerous) things! When contractors are on project sites day after day, working with the same types of equipment again and again, it can…

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UNDERGROUND FLUSHING: How Much Is Enough? Part 3

For the last few weeks, we’ve looked at why it’s important to flush fire sprinkler systems and fire pumps, and we’ve also discussed what the NFPA codes have to say about the process. This week, in the series conclusion, we’ll…

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UNDERGROUND FLUSHING: How Much Is Enough? Part 2

Last week we took a look at how flushing a fire sprinkler system or fire pump can help mitigate the threat of catastrophic system failures. If you missed it, you can find it here. This week, we are exploring what NFPA codes…

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Fire pump

UNDERGROUND FLUSHING: How Much Is Enough? Part 1

If you are a general contractor for commercial/industrial properties, here is a scenario that will seem familiar. The fire protection underground piping is complete and tested, but the fire sprinkler contractor refuses to…

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Project Paradigm Challenge – Preventing Injuries and Fatalities from House Fires

Rob McFeaters (left) and three of the six judges in action at the Project Paradigm Challenge. “Getting to take an idea, turn it into a prototype, and see something actually working, that’s what helps to provide a large boost in…

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Warehouse Fire Hazards: Part 3 – Cold Storage Warehouses (Continued)

Last week, we started to scratch the surface of fire hazards in cold storage warehouses. This week, we’ll look at a few more unique fire hazard challenges, as well as two loss examples that highlight the unique challenges found…

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Warehouse Fire Hazards: Part 3 – Cold Storage Warehouses

In a three-part blog series over the last few months, we’ve been exploring the many fire hazards commonly present in warehouses beyond the obvious presence of high combustible loading from rack and palletized storage arrays. In…

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