Jeff celebrating HGI’s 30th anniversary with some of his family. Top (Left to Right): Kim Harrington (Jeff’s brother), Kathy Harrington (Jeff’s wife), and Jeff Harrington. Seated: Barbara and Dean Harrington (Jeff’s parents).

Harrington Group, Inc. is proud to announce that Founding Principal, President, and CEO Jeff Harrington has been named a Governor on the Board of Governors for the Society of Fire Protection Engineers Education and Scientific Foundation (SFPE Foundation).

Founded in 1979, the SFPE Foundation is operated under US IRS Section 501(c)(3) as a charitable organization. It is operated independently of the SFPE, has a separate Board of Governors elected by the SFPE Board, and has its own constitution and budget. Its mission is to enhance the scientific understanding of fire and its interaction with the natural and built environment.

The SFPE Foundation operates with five committees: Executive Committee; Technical Committee; Fundraising Committee; Communications Committee; and Education Committee.

The Board of Governors responsibilities include overseeing management and the appropriate use of donations and funding, providing leadership to achieve the organization’s goals, and shaping the organization’s vision and mission.

Jeff has strategically led Harrington Group, Inc. by establishing the company’s Core Values and weaving them into the fabric of the company. Our Core Values of Service, Competence, Integrity, Honesty and Respect remain central to everything we do, and help guide every decision that is made to keep the company focused on its Core Purpose.

Jeff has also shown outstanding leadership in giving back to the fire protection engineering community as evidenced through his involvement in numerous organizations and activities including: the Society of Fire Protection Engineers through the Greater Atlanta Chapter and international committee work; service on several Technical Panels for the Fire Protection Research Foundation; service on several Technical Committees for The National Fire Protection Association.

All of us at HGI are excited that Jeff will have the opportunity to provide service and leadership to help the SFPE Foundation achieve its goals and help shape its vision and mission into the future.