NFPA Celebrates 100 Years of Fire Prevention Week – Fire Won’t Wait. Plan Your Escape

Have you heard of the Great Chicago Fire? It started on…

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Warehouse Fire

By the Numbers: A Look at U.S. Fire loss in 2016

By Friday, October 13, more than…

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Supermarket refrigerator

Hot and Cold – Ongoing Phase-Out of HFCs May Lead to the Use of Flammable Refrigerants

It’s been nearly a year since the U.S. and more than 100…

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Getting a Handle on Your Combustible Dust Exposure – Part 2

Last week, we reviewed the definition of combustible dust, the “Dust Explosion Pentagon”, and identified several historic dust explosions that have resulted in the tragic loss of many lives. This week, we’ll review applicable…

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Getting a Handle on Your Combustible Dust Exposure – Part 1

Any facility that handles combustible particulate solids,…

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Don’t Lose Your Cool… High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans and Sprinklers

In the late 1990’s, dairy farmers were looking for a way to reduce heat stress on their cows, but providing air conditioning in a barn was not economically feasible, and small box fans did not provide the coverage needed. The…

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NFPA logo

PIRG: Collaborative Research

CaptureOne of the most common observations about the fire…

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ESFR Obstructions…The Achilles Heel!

In a recent post, we discussed the history of sprinkler technology. This week, we’ll look at ESFR restrictions and obstructions. Because of the operating principles around which ESFR technology is based, any delay in sprinkler…

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