We are currently seeking a Financial Manager, Fire Protection Engineering Consultants, and a Property Loss Control Engineer.

As one of the premier firms in Fire Protection Engineering, Harrington Group approaches growth in a focused and intelligent manner. We are always looking for premier engineering talent as we expand to continue delivering a high level of value to our clients.

Should you be interested in working with us? The answer is YES! If….

  • You want a career in fire protection engineering with increasing responsibility and compensation.
  • You care about delivering quality and service to your client.
  • You have strong fire protection engineering and people skills.
  • You are creative and wish to use your creativity.
  • You are honest and hard working.
  • You want to be trusted and respected by your company.
  • You want to participate in the financial aspects of your company, like an owner.
  • You are now in a dead-end position.

We always accept résumés from qualified Fire Protection Engineers.

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