I thought it would be interesting ask a few of our fire protection engineers and consultants to share what they think makes Harrington Group different from other fire protection engineering firms. Let’s find out what they had to say!

Kevin Johnson, Fire Protection Consultant, with Harrington Group for over three years: When I interviewed with Harrington Group over three years ago, I was highly impressed with the level of knowledge exhibited by each of the fire protection engineers and consultants, as well as their committed desire to provide the firm’s clients with a platinum level of service. Now, as a part of the HGI team, I believe these are the qualities that make us standout. In addition, our team’s specialty is developing unique solutions that fit our client’s specific needs; all while providing the degree of life safety and asset protection that is needed.

On many of our projects, we often hear comments regarding the precise detail of our submittal and inspection review comments. While some may see these comments as fastidious, we see it as an important and necessary process, as ensuring the right fire protection systems are in place could mean the difference between life and death. Our fire protection engineers fully vet the specific requirements and desired goals requested by the client – after all, if something is worth doing; it is worth doing right.

It is our desire on every project to create a communicable network between the client, authority having jurisdiction, general contractor, and all subcontractors. This creates respect and an open line of communication between all parties involved. All members of the team are open to voice their opinions, ideas, and concerns. This form of project management ensures HGI will provide the client with a high-end product that meets the needs and desires of the client.

Our team includes several licensed fire protection engineers, as well as consultants from many different backgrounds that include construction, insurance, and chemical engineering. This diversity allows HGI to tap into an immense knowledge bank and provide the level of expertise that we have become known for throughout the country. In my short tenure here at HGI, I can say we take pride in developing the best total solution for our clients and their facilities.

Nolan McCarthy, Fire Protection Engineer, with Harrington Group for over one year: HGI is the best employer I’ve had and I believe it’s due to two things: high technical aptitude and knowledge, and attention to detail. I once worked as a seasonal fire fighter in California and my Captain drilled into us: Attention to Detail, Attention to Detail, Attention to Detail. It has stuck with me ever since, and I was glad and impressed to see during my onboarding process (interviewing through hiring) that this is a central value to Harrington Group, Inc. We strive for attention to detail in all things, and this is apparent in our engineering and consulting services, which our clients regularly experience and have come to expect from us.

Jim Tuten, Senior Fire Protection Technician, with Harrington Group for over 11 years: As an owner’s representative on our new construction projects, we cultivate a relationship with the general and subcontractors where we avail ourselves as another resource in their arsenal to help drive their project to completion. During the shop submittal review process, I am focused on how the designer can set their installation forces up for success, as well as for code compliance. By gaining their trust in the beginning and fielding coordination questions, we greatly reduce the number of conflicts at the end of a project. I often hear from contractors on subsequent projects that our experience, attention to detail, and specific knowledge has made them a better contractor.

We have also developed a rapport with many testing vendors across the country.  I am often told, “I breathe a sigh of relief when I see Harrington Group is on my next acceptance test because I know the day will be a smooth one.”

I hope that you enjoyed reading what some of our fire protection engineers and consultants had to say. If you’d like to share your thoughts with us – feel free to submit a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!