Jeff's Victory ShotHarrington Group, Inc. reached a significant milestone this year – our 30th anniversary. As we approach the 30th anniversary party to celebrate our firm’s accomplishments over the last 30 years, the associates at Harrington Group would like to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our founder Jeff Harrington, as well. After all, HGI would not exist without his vision, leadership, and hard work.

Jeff is an outstanding leader that inspires others to reach their full potential through his example and mentoring of others. He takes time to invest in the lives of those coming behind him, to teach them not only the technical skills, but also communication, interpersonal, and relationship skills that will help them live more productive and successful lives.

Jeff has been very intentional about defining our firm’s value proposition and has maintained the focus and the discipline to sustain it through constant transformation and improvements. He has built a company based on client intimacy, and carefully hires people that have tremendous skill at effecting change within client organizations. He looks for associates who are adaptable, flexible, creative, and innovative and who possess strong technical skills. He is strategic about the hiring process, matching a candidate’s hard-wired work style with the requirements of the position to promote success.

The strength of HGI lies within the way we coordinate our expertise and build relationships with our clients to retain them as long-term partners. Jeff has steered the company away from transactional relationships and toward client-intimate relationships that value HGI’s expertise to create a mutually profitable win-win relationship.

Every associate is encouraged to look for the Best Total Solution for the client, and recognize that the Best Total Solution may not always be the flashiest, the most obvious, or the expected design. HGI works in collaboration with all stakeholders to clearly define the fire protection engineering goals of a project, and then works creatively to meet and exceed those goals. Associates take pride in providing real-world solutions that include alternative ways to achieve the desired outcome. Clients receive much more than a “cookie-cutter” technical report filled with jargon, because HGI creates custom fire protection solutions. This approach was developed and cultivated by Jeff as he built HGI into the thriving small business it is today.

We admire and respect Jeff for his integrity, technical skills, and leadership. Jeff is committed to a high standard of ethical conduct and behavior, and can be trusted to act honorably in all situations. He is always alert to any potential conflicts of interest that could call into question his integrity or the damage the company’s reputation, and avoids even the slightest appearance of impropriety.

Finally, his leadership skills have fueled his success as a small business owner because he never asks of his associates what he is not willing to do himself. He works long hours and late nights, and travels extensively to be responsive to his clients, all the while, somehow making himself available to his associates when they need guidance on a project.

The success HGI has achieved over the last 30 years is a direct result of the vision and leadership Jeff has provided through the triumphs and challenges all small businesses face and we are thankful to have him as our Founder, President, and CEO.