Eric Okurowski

Eric Okurowski was an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland when he was introduced to fire protection. He looked into the well-known program after learning about it from his fellow students, and ended completing both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in fire protection engineering, finishing school in 2013. An internship with a local sprinkler contractor during his graduate studies gave him hands-on industry experience, and after graduating he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he met and worked with many experts in the field who would later become his coworkers here at Harrington Group. 

“I think finding an important niche in the job market helps ensure a long and successful career,” Eric said. 

Now back in Columbia, Maryland, where he grew up, Eric brings his talents to us as one of HGI’s newest fire protection engineers. He began traveling for site visits right away, and is eager to build upon his existing repertoire. 

“At HGI, I hope to learn about the challenges and methods of protecting modern warehouses including robotic sorting and multi-level storage configurations that are replacing the standard open box warehouse,” he said. “I’m hoping to excel as a lead engineer by providing our clients customer service and expertise that they can’t obtain from our competitors.” 

Outside of work, one of Eric’s passions is learning about history up close. So far his favorite excursion has been to the town of Bastogne, Belgium, where he was able to locate within a few hundred feet his grandfather’s foxhole during the Battle of the Bulge in World War II.