Dan with Wife Sarah and Children Genevieve and Henry

Fire protection professionals develop a unique understanding of and appreciation for safety. For instance, Dan Lampke, one of Harrington Group’s newest fire protection engineers, found himself factoring in the building’s sprinkler system when choosing a preschool for his children.

Dan comes to us with nine years in the profession since earning his Master’s in fire protection engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. His undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering gave him the foundational knowledge of a centuries-old practice before he launched into the highly specialized, ever-evolving field of fire protection.

“Many of the people who pioneered fire protection engineering are still active in the profession, and some even teach at Worcester or the University of Maryland,” Dan says. “It’s fascinating and rewarding to be part of a new, continuously-evolving field.”

Dan has a sizable breadth of experience across the fire protection discipline, from alarm and suppression design for power plants and commercial properties, to life safety analyses, to smoke management system design and commissioning activities. He is eager to expand his repertoire in his role as fire protection engineer at Harrington Group.

Located in Dayton, Ohio, Dan will continue to work remotely even after pandemic restrictions are lifted. A self-described “guy who enjoys quiet and focus,” he’s found that the 20-second commute to his home office suits him and his work style, and it made for a smooth transition from a bustling office environment to working from home. It also means more time with his wife and their two young children. The whole family enjoys being outside, and Dan looks forward to taking the kids camping, hiking and canoeing once they get a little older.