Harrington, Jeff 2014Duluth, GA — April 24, 2006 — The Board of Directors of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers has voted to approve the nomination of Jeffrey L. Harrington, P.E., as a Fellow of the Society. Fellow is the highest grade of membership in SFPE. To be eligible to become a Fellow, individuals must have been a Professional Member (previously known as “Member” grade) of the Society for at least 10 years, have a record of significant professional accomplishments, and attained prominent stature in the fire protection engineering field. Elevation to the grade of fellow requires nomination by at least five fellows or professional members, review by the SFPE Honors Committee and approval by the SFPE Board of Directors.

Mr. Harrington has been an active member of SFPE since 1976, when he assisted with the creation of the Student Chapter of SFPE at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and served as that chapter’s first Vice President. He joined the Southeastern Chapter of SFPE in 1977 where he served in every chapter officer position culminating in 2 years as President. He continues to actively contribute his experience to promote the growth and ensure the longevity of the fire protection engineering profession. In 1986, Mr. Harrington founded Harrington Group, Inc., which has since grown to become one of the largest and most respected independent fire protection engineering and consulting firms headquartered in the southeastern United States.

More information about the Society of Fire Protection Engineers and the profession of fire protection engineering can be found at www.sfpe.org, and Harrington Group, Inc. here at hgi-fire.com.