On January 14, 2005, the NFPA Standards Council voted to combine three technical committees into one. The former technical committees, Carbon Dioxide (CAR-AAA), Halogenated Fire Extinguishing Systems (HAL-AAA), and Halon Alternative Protection Options (HAO-AAA), have been reformed into a single technical committee, Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems (GFE-AAA). The Standards Council appointed fire protection engineer, Jeff Harrington, President of Harrington Group, Inc., as Chairman of the new technical committee.

The new technical committee has responsibility for three separate NFPA standards. These are NFPA 12-Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems, NFPA 12A-Standard on Halon 1301 Fire Extinguishing Systems, and NFPA 2001-Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems. Mr. Jim Rucci, Executive VP of Harrington Group, Inc. has also been approved as a member of this new technical committee, as alternate to Jeff Harrington.