An Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement System (“ERCES”) utilizes a Bi-Directional Amplifier (“BDA”) and a Distributed Antenna System (“DAS”) within a building to enhance public safety radio signals and provide reliable communication among first responders throughout a facility. ERCES are a vital building feature that allows first responders to communicate effectively during an emergency incident.

Is an ERCES required in my building?

ERCES is a code-mandated system that can be adopted by your jurisdiction via the International Building Code §946, International Fire Code §510, and NFPA 1 §11.10.

Many cities and states also have retroactive requirements where a Public Safety signal survey must be performed in an existing facility. This requirement allows building officials to verify an acceptable level of Public Safety signal strength is present in your building.

For example, Florida Statute 633.202, Item (18) has mandated ERCES for many building types by Jan 1, 2025, with reassessments every 3 to 5 years. To help prepare for this mandate, building owners in Florida should be arranging a Public Safety signal survey to be performed at their facility.

Who can perform a Public Safety signal survey at my facility?

At a minimum, personnel are required to have an FCC GROL license and certification in the survey equipment that will be used. Coordination between the survey personnel and the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (“AHJ”) should occur well before the signal survey to ensure the correct frequencies are measured within your facility.

At Harrington Group, we neither provide nor install ERCES equipment and that allows us to be independent and meet our primary goal of accurate and code-compliant signal measurements. Therefore, we can provide unbiased third-party evaluation of your greenfield site or existing facility and preparation of criteria documents for competitive bids of the ERCES. We are fully licensed to perform signal surveys, design ERCES for your unique needs, and review contractor design documents to ensure you are getting exactly what your facility needs. Want to learn more? Check out our ERCES services here.