Jocelyn and her husband with their daughter at her graduation.

Jocelyn Harris’s career started during the summer of 1982 in San Antonio, Texas. Her best friend’s sister, who worked as an underwriting technical assistant, recruited her for a position as a typist shortly after Jocelyn graduated from high school. The interview process included a standard typing test — but as she attempted to complete the exercise while stationed at the front desk, she was repeatedly interrupted by employees asking questions and leaving messages for the manager.

Once her exam time was up, she apologetically handed a stack of handwritten messages to the interviewer, explaining that she was only able to complete a portion of the test due to the disruptions.

That seemed to do the trick. Jocelyn accepted the offer and went on to work for Chubb Limited, a global insurance company, for 37 years. 

As an administrative professional, Jocelyn worked her way up through the ranks and across multiple departments within Chubb. After many years as a property and marine underwriting technical assistant and production office and marketing assistant, she began providing support to engineers as a risk engineering service associate.

Now Jocelyn brings her organizational skills and expertise to Harrington Group as our newest project coordinator. Still based in San Antonio, where she works from home in the company of her two rescue basset hounds, she facilitates proposals, reviews reports, manages invoices, sets up projects in our system, schedules travel and contributes to the extensive behind-the-scenes work that allows our engineers to focus on what they do best.

“I was already used to working with safety risk engineers,” Jocelyn said, reflecting on her first couple weeks on the job. “These engineers are a little different, but it’s still safety, still protecting property.” 

When she’s not in her home office with the French doors closed, Jocelyn enjoys gardening, baking, taking walks and spending time with her husband of 31 years and their three children. She’s lived in San Antonio all her life, and she loves exploring the Texas Hill Country, a region near her hometown that’s rich with history, culture, shops and restaurants.