Ross Beach and his dog, Jodie

Exciting times at Harrington Group! Only a few days after Jim Smith began, another team member joined the ranks from a distance. Please join us in welcoming Ross Beach, our newest senior fire protection consultant based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Ross grew up in Tulsa, where he attended public school and explored his options for three semesters at Tulsa Community College before landing on engineering as a career path and enrolling at Oklahoma State University. 

He discovered the field of fire protection engineering when his brother-in-law brought home a pamphlet about OSU’s Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology program and decided to direct his studies toward that career path. Like a lot of folks in the industry, volunteering as a firefighter also fueled his interest in suppression and safety, and that passion has stuck with him over the years. After graduating in 2005, his two-part career began: He started working for a MEP firm as a member of the fire protection team and in conjunction, tested for career fire departments, ultimately getting hired as a firefighter for the Tulsa Fire Department. He’s since worked his way up in both realms.

“I find the ground-up progression from a concept to final building construction completion satisfying,” Ross said. “I also love how I can cross-relate between actual firefighting and design.” 

When he’s not consulting on projects for HGI, Ross can be found at the Tulsa Fire Department, where he works 24-hour shifts every three days as a Fire Equipment Operator/Acting Captain. Ross looks forward to digging into projects that will expand his skillset and taking on the challenges of new design approaches and code applications. 

In his free time, he enjoys restoring old automobiles, like his 1966 Chevrolet C10, and spending time with friends, family and his boxer, Jodie.