Congratulations to our very own Senior Fire Protection Engineer, Ying Zou, PE, LEED AP BD+C, for her most recent article in the September 2023 issue of Plumbing Engineer Magazine, “Fire Protection Design Issues – Part 2“.

In the article, Ying covers essential aspects of fire protection design, providing valuable insights into often-overlooked coordination/details crucial for building safety and efficiency. Here’s a summary of her key points:

Standpipe Systems: Ying emphasizes the importance of precision in designing standpipe systems, particularly in high-rise buildings. She highlights the need for coordination with local authorities to ensure compliance with regulations and standards.

Master Pressure-Reducing Valve (PRV) Assemblies: For multi-zone systems, Ying suggests the use of master PRV assemblies as a cost-effective solution. She stresses the importance of coordination with PRV manufacturers to meet specific requirements and streamline the design.

Fire Pumps: Ying discusses the factors influencing the necessity of fire pumps in fire protection systems. She also delves into fire pump room design and ventilation, underlining the significance of optimization for operational efficiency and safety.

Fuel Tank Considerations: Within fire pump rooms, Ying recommends careful consideration of fuel tank requirements, advocating for practical and safe solutions.

Drainage Systems: Ying touches upon the importance of drainage systems within fire pump rooms, emphasizing practicality and safety.

Ying’s article offers a comprehensive overview of these critical elements in fire protection design, reflecting her expertise and commitment to enhancing safety and efficiency in building environments. Her insights are valuable contributions to the field, providing guidance for professionals involved in fire protection design.