After 10 years at our Breckinridge Boulevard location, last weekend, our fire protection engineering firm moved to a new office space on Meadowbrook Parkway. During the move, we had some issues transferring our phone system. We lost phone service on Friday. It was not recovered until late in the afternoon on Monday. It dawned on me, with today’s technology and Harrington Group’s strive to provide exceptional customer service, the loss of our phone system was the least of our concerns. I can remember when it would have been devastating to be without a landline phone. It’s funny how times have changed!

We make ourselves very accessible to our clients. If they can’t reach us on the office phone, they know that they can call our cell phones and get us. This is just part of the core values that make our firm different from the other, larger fire protection engineering firms out there. Our values are made up of Service, Competence, Honesty, and Integrity, where we satisfy the needs of others to a high degree through providing exceptional service.

This got me thinking about one of our international clients, who has manufacturing facilities in South America. Although they did not require it, we recruited and hired a fire protection engineer who was born in Colombia and now lives here in Atlanta. She speaks fluent Spanish and English and is able to communicate effectively with our Spanish speaking clients. We are planning on leveraging her bilingual abilities with technology even further in the months to come. Because fire and life safety training is so important, we will be developing bilingual online training courses for our clients abroad. This will allow us to bridge the distance and to continue to provide the exceptional service our client’s are accustomed to.

By Jeff Harrington, CEO and Founder of Harrington Group, Inc.