When we inspect a new construction site for fire alarms and sprinklers, we are a tool in the fire protection contractor’s arsenal. Our comments help insure the fire alarm and sprinkler contractors produce a fire safe, code compliant, quality product. However, sometimes general contractors who are unfamiliar with the process can find our comments challenging.

We try to take ourselves out of the picture as much as possible. Showing people test results has always been preferable to verbal communication. Contractors are more likely to take it personally when we tell them their fire pump performance is low than if we show them a graphic of negative test results. The iPad allows us to make calculations and literally hand over our findings. It is seen as a tool that everyone can use.

4G Makes Us a Resource on Your Job Site

We were on a job in Middletown, Delaware. In the middle of the testing, we identified a faulty fire alarm component, but no one knew how to wire it correctly. With an iPad, the problem was easy to solve.

We simply pulled up the manufacturer’s website and downloaded the product data sheet. Within a couple of minutes, the component was fixed and up to spec. We used the 4G connection two or three times that day. With each use, we developed rapport and saved everyone time and trouble.

Communicating via Tablet

The iPad is a collaborative tool by design. We’re still learning how to use the tablet effectively and everyone in the office has suggestions. We pass it around, and everybody who touches it has an idea. Over time, our personnel have added resources directly to the list to add convenience. Relevant tables and code sections are now available for easy reference.

In the end, we’re all working toward the same goal – a fire safe structure designed to our client’s specifications. The iPad helps everyone focus on and achieve the goal.

How have you used tablets and new technologies to improve your business efficiencies? Please share your comments with us today!

By Jeff Harrington, CEO and Founder of Harrington Group, Inc.