Collin getting ready for SCUBA diving

Collin Zurweller found his way to the fire protection industry by way of water-based systems. He graduated from Missouri University of Science and Technology in 2017 with a B.S. in geology and geophysics, and was interested in hydrology. A few years into his career, he was referred to HGI and realized that his interests and skills could apply to an industry he’d never before considered.

“The work I was doing was not really engineering water through pipes, but groundwater through geology,” Collin said. “I had never really thought about doing fire protection, but many of the hydraulic principles are the same and applied in a similar manner as moving water throughout a city, just on a smaller scale, and looking at a specific building.”

As a new Building Information Modeling (“BIM”) technician for Harrington Group, Collin works behind the scenes to create and maintain the digital models of project designs. A few weeks into his role, he is eager to get up to speed on new software and begin learning the broad scope of fire protection codes and standards. BIM technicians are crucial to the process, and he’s excited to work closely with a team of engineers to develop a deep understanding of why they make design choices and how water flows through buildings.

Collin lives in St. Peters, Missouri, a small city outside St. Louis where he was born and raised. He loves watching and playing any and all sports, and spends his free time playing basketball, softball, and hockey. Other hobbies include rock climbing, hiking, skiing, and SCUBA diving.